Aptekarsky bridge

Opened in
1798 (wooden), 1975 (modern)
Length, m
22 метра
Width, m
96 meters
L.A. Noskov and P.A. Areshev
B.B. Levin

Aptekarsky bridge is a crossing over the Karpovka River connecting Petrogradsky Island and Aptekarsky Island. It is located at the source of the Karpovka River along Petrogradskaya Embankment and Aptekarskaya Embankment. This is the second bridge by width in St. Petersburg after Blue Bridge.

Aptekarsky Bridge is located on the left bank of the Bolshaya Nevka. Its name comes from the Aptekarsky Garden that existed in the XVIII century on the similarly-named island.

In 1737 a wooden bridge was built there to connect the Botanical Garden with the City. The bridge was a three-span beam one with wooden decking and fencing of posts and strengthening lines. The wooden bridge was repaired several times.

In 1946 after the next repair the central span was covered by metal superstructure. Wooden railings were replaced by welded metal one. Abutments, supports and superstructure of the bridge were still made of wood. The bridge length was 26.6 meters, and width - only 12.7 meters.

In 1970-1971, in connection with the reconstruction of Grenadersky Bridge, a wooden bridge was rebuilt in a single-span concrete composite bridge.

The bridge superstructure from the Bolshaya Nevka is a three-hinged arch with facade faced with granite, and superstructure is designed as a continuous arch. The length of this part of the bridge is 28.75 meters.

The superstructure from the side of the Karpovka River represents three-hinged frame of unified concrete blocks. The length of this part - 22.3 meters.

The superstructure facades are also faced with granite. From the side of the Bolshaya Nevka the bridge railing in a form of cast-iron gratings and granite pedestals is installed; and from the side of the Karpovka River cast iron gratings without pedestals with a pattern by the type of Petrogradskaya Embankment.

The bridge abutments are massive reinforced concrete ones on pile foundation and faced with granite. This is a slope bridge with the slope angle of 61 degrees.

Aptekarsky Bridge forms a bridgehead area of Grenadersky Bridge over the Bolshaya Nevka River; they were built at the same time in 1974-1975, and the area of the former Aptekarsky Bridge was increased almost twice. The bridge facade from the side of the Bolshaya Nevka River is decorated as a granite vault.