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Kirpichny per., 3
Metro Stations
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Years of foundation
A.S. Konstantinov, V.G. Khilchenko, D.A. Boytsov, N.V. Romashkin-Timanov

Station 5th (Frunzensko-Primorsky, "Violet") metro lines. It was supposed to open in September 1997 along with Sportivnaya and Chkalovskaya, but it only opened on December 28, 2011, together with Sadovaya station.

For 14 years, the Admiralteyskaya was a “ghost station” that trains passed without stopping, slightly slowing down. All this time, Metrostroy has been deciding on the location of the ground lobby. Initially, it was planned to demolish an apartment building on the corner of Brick Lane and Malaya Morskaya Street and build an office center with a built-in metro lobby in its place, but this project faced many obstacles. The decision to demolish the building was made only in December 2006, the construction was completed in 2011.

Admiralteyskaya became the deepest metro station in St. Petersburg and one of the deepest in the world, with a depth of 86 meters. The lobby with the underground hall is connected by two escalators, large and small.

Designed by architects A.S. Konstantinova, V.G. Khilchenko, D.A. Boytsova and N.V. Romashkina-Timanova, the station is richly decorated. The ground lobby is an oval room, the ceiling is supported by a series of massive black columns with flutes and is decorated with an illuminated composition “wind rose”.

The decor of the underground hall is devoted to marine subjects. The floors are paved with gray and red granite and decorated with three inlaid wind roses in the border of golden naval chevrons. The track walls are lined with bluish-gray marble with original grilles depicting anchors. The oblique course of escalators and the walls of underground spaces are decorated with mosaic panels on marine themes, their author is artist A.K. Bystrov.

The station's arcade is decorated with cream-golden marble. The arches are complemented by black half-columns cast from aluminum alloy, with socles and capitals made of polished brass. In the piers between the columns there are medallions with bas-reliefs of Russian admirals and naval commanders: Ushakov, Nakhimov, Makarov, Apraksin, Bellingshausen and Grigorovich by sculptors V.D. Sveshnikov and A.S. Charkin.

Admiralteyskaya is the closest station to the main attractions of St. Petersburg: Palace, St. Isaac's and Senate Squares, the Hermitage and the Admiralty.

Another feature of this station, as well as its neighboring Sportivnaya, is that during the navigation period on Saturday and Sunday nights, a shuttle train runs between them from 01:00 to 03:00.