13000 руб.
The price is for the whole group. Start and end of the tour at a convenient place and time.

Individual excursion to Pavlovsk

A fascinating trip to the most romantic suburb of St. Petersburg

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13000 rub. *
The price is for the whole group. Start and end of the tour at a convenient place and time.

What can you expect?

The city of Pavlovsk is one of the most romantic suburbs of St. Petersburg, and its park ensemble is one of the world's finest masterpieces of landscape art. After all, the best Russian and European sculptors, architects, painters and masters of garden art worked on its creation.

Do you appreciate the personal touch, when the guide talks about what interests you, when you can stop where you want to take unforgettable photos? The mobile guide "Petersburg 24" invites you to an individual car tour to the imperial country residence with a personal guide.

A trip to the imperial country residence with maximum comfort.
Palace of Paul I and the story of a personal guide about the mysterious
Romantic alleys, gazebos and ponds of one of the most beautiful parks in the world.
Our transport will pick you up from your home, hotel, airport or train station.
Comfortable minivan with air conditioning, passengers are insured.
Guides with knowledge of English, French and Spanish.
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Route and content of the tour

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You have the opportunity to travel to the city of Pavlovsk with maximum comfort.

In a five-hour drive, you will see man-made parks that delightfully embody the sensual beauty of nature. They merged into harmonious consonance with the surrounding landscapes and the architectural ensemble of the Pavlovsk Palace. This place reflected the character and tastes of one of the most mysterious, contradictory tragic characters in Russian history, who was called the "Russian Hamlet" - Emperor Paul I.

Our transport will pick you up right from your home, hotel, airport or train station, the tour will start at a convenient time and place. We will provide you with a high level of comfort and full passenger insurance.

We can provide a guided tour in Russian, English, French and Spanish.


You can go on a trip around the city alone or together, with your family or a large friendly company - we have a fixed price for the entire excursion in two versions: by minivan (from 1 to 7 people) and by minibus (from 1 to 15 people) ...

You can order an excursion by phone +7 (812) 611-30-12, contact us by e-mail zakaz@petersburg24.ru

Свидетельства очевидцев

Семья Гольдиных
31 марта 2024

Спасибо за поездку в Павловск — очень красиво, таинственно и романтично. Сын «заболел» Павлом Первым, самостоятельно посетил Михайловский замок, читает Эйдельмана и спрашивает, куда еще можно съездить на экскурсию по местам «русского Гамлета». Наверное скоро отправимся в Гатчину.

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Если ссылка не пришла, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с менеджером.

Заказ экскурсии

The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" invites you to individual excursions with experienced local historians - specialists in the history and architecture of St. Petersburg.

Enjoy fun walks and travel in a comfortable car on routes not found in traditional travel guides.

You will discover new sides of the world famous sights of the Northern capital, look into secret corners that only locals know about, learn little-known facts and legends of one of the most mysterious and mystical cities in the world.

St. Petersburg is beautiful all year round - not only during the white nights season, when millions of tourists flock to the banks of the Neva, but also in golden autumn, crystal winter and spring awakening days.
The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" has developed excursions for you for all seasons. At the same time, we always build a route and a guide's story, taking into account the weather and your wishes.

To choose the day and time of the excursion most convenient for you, place your order at least 24 hours before the start.

Individual excursion to Pavlovsk

13 000 руб

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