Lucian Dolinsky. Paintings and sculptural works



Rosbalt art-center

Mars field, 3




22 april 2024, 12:00 — 27 april 2024, 19:00


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

The mArs art gallery will host an exhibition of works by sculptor and nonconformist artist Lucian Dolinsky.

Lucian Dolinsky was born in 1942 in Karlag, a labor camp located in the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. The center of the camp was located in the village of Dolinka. Hence the artist's pseudonym. In 1963, already in Stalinabad (Dushanbe), he graduated from the Art School as a decorative artist. In 1964 he entered the Art and Graphic Department of the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. After two severe surgeries Lucian was forced to leave his studies and moved to Kyzyl (Tyva), where he opened a children's art school and taught at the art school. Later he was deprived of the right to teach, worked as a navigator of the river fleet, sculptor, artist-decorator, artist-designer. In 1987 Dolinsky became acquainted with St. Petersburg nonconformists, joined the TEII and the Free Culture partnership. The artist possed away on December 2, 2014.

At the exhibition in the art space mArs will be presented paintings and sculptural works of the master. Also during the vernissage, Tatiana Baranova, the wife and associate of Lucian Dolinsky, will talk about his life and work and answer questions from the audience.