Thoughts flight



Transportny per., 10A



01 february 2019, 19:00 – 23:55


250 rub — 350 rub

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On February 1, four teams with a unique sound that meets world standards will come together to have an unprecedented party at one of the city’s coolest clubs. Their music will carry your thoughts far beyond the Universe!


  • HIMIA. These guys are able to mix styles and genres, while maintaining its unique sound!
  • MASH UP. The group of the St. Petersburg rock scene, which is not analogous to any popular western project!
  • REYA. The collective for a long time familiar to music lovers of St. Petersburg has everything they need: their recognizable high-quality sound, drive and deep meaning of the songs. And their energy at a concert just sweeps listeners off their feet!
  • MACHINES. Experimental modern-rock project, which in 2010 united famous musicians of the indie scene of St. Petersburg. Expressive guitars, high-precision rhythm section and nervous kinetics of voice harmoniously combine into one sound message with recognizable sound and mood.