Slowdance 10 years



Arsenal emb., 1



10 november 2018, 23:00 — 11 november 2018, 07:00


от 300 rub

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Slowdance 10th year tour has already visited Berlin, Budapest, Frankfurt, Tbilisi, native Moscow and Barcelona, and we are not slowing down the festive pace. The unity of art, music and community with the idea of co-creation, which embodies Slowdance, led us to the idea to add another point on the anniversary trajectory of movement. For the first time, we are leaving to St. Petersburg, in which we have not yet been, although we have much more in common than it may seem.

Traveling through the musical space, we covered the distance with the speed of sound, and the activity of Slowdance was not limited to three dimensions. In 2018, we came to a serious magnitude at 10 years, but it is not the time to sum up - the universal law of energy is that in motion it constantly moves from one type to another. In 10 years, the label Slowdance has reached the scale of the art community, the experimental set of which belongs to the genres house, minimal, dub, ambient, breakbeat and techno. At the next level, we will increase the creative amplitude, expand the range of working frequencies, and unswervingly follow the Slowdance manifest, continue to direct light rays to new names of the electronic scene and reflect the sound guidelines of the present and future.

We intersect with orbits and views on November 10 under the industrial arches of the Blank club, which occupied a superposition in the local club system, barely opening its factory doors. The musical vector tends to the properties of saturated steam, dynamic balance will provide two lives - technical techno urbanistic from Toki Fuko and hypnotic performance of Finetune modulators. Alexey Orlov, Dan Jamkinsun, Indigo Minds and Tagir will enhance the physical effect by maintaining a constant amount of heat.