Near Mint



Konushennaya sq., 2



02 february 2019, 23:55 — 03 february 2019, 06:00


от 300 rub

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The Near Mint team and the Stackenschneider club continue to acquaint you with the most significant characters in the world of house music. The guests of the series already were  Daniel Paul (Cab Drivers), DJ Steaw, Tomoki Tamura and Varoslav, and on February 2 Brawther comes to visit us.

His career as a Parisian Sammy in Lisbon began with a nameless record on the Chicago label Blance Alliance, founded by Ron Trent and Chez Damier. Untitled EP - instantly became a classic, and its sound best characterizes the word timeless, which is very much appreciated among diggers-collectors. On the Discogs website, the price for this release has taken off to the moon.

Brawther also recorded in English Secretsundaze, French My Love Is Underground by a notorious guy named Jeremy, as well as Abstract Architecture, Cabinet Records, Jazzy Couscous Records and even Moon Harbor. Last year, Sammy launched his own label Negentropy, where his second solo album was released as the first release.

Also worth noting is his participation in the project and the eponymous label Dungeoun Meat, which he oversees with Tristan Da Cunha. Here he experiments with the dark side of house music, more raw and energetic rhythms, tending to techno, in his Chicago manifestation. On Dungeoun Meat there were records of Mr G, Point G, Julian Alexander, Larry De Kat and other famous artists.

Support to the French brother will be provided by the house diaspora of St. Petersburg: Pavel Iudin, Smirnov and Velvet!