Lazy Killer


Cultural center "Heart"

Birzhevaya line, 12




09 january 2019, 20:00 – 22:00


от 400 rub

Events / Concert

January 9 - the first solo concert of Lazy Killer in 2019 on the stage of the cultural center "Heart".

Lazy Killer - Indie rock group from St. Petersburg. The emergence of a collective is a spontaneous and natural phenomenon, based on one side the longing for the dirty unkempt sound of the rock of 90 ', on the other side, musical curiosity and research.

Combining the indie-rock guitar intonation with nostalgic notes of retro-futurism, the collective gives the informal scene a new, bold English-language project.

The group first met in 2017, beginning to experiment with sound and gathering the full composition. By this spring, LK released two singles, gave a couple of solo concerts and had already started preparing for the release of their debut album.