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27 january 2019, 19:00 – 23:00


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Events / Concert

On January 27, the Cosmonaut Club will host a concert by the Jungle group - preachers of the modern soul, music, which couldn't be born anywhere beside the UK. The group with incredible live-performances, the composition of seven people, where are two vocalists and a brass section. Creativity of the group is a slow lounge beat and vocal at the junction of r’n’b and soul, against the background of unobtrusive electronics.

In St. Petersburg, the British will present their second newest album as part of a large world tour. In July 2014, Jungle released the eponymous debut album. Neo-soul classic singles “Platoon”, “Busy Earnin”, “Time”, “The Heat” and “Julia” in an instant became the sound of young London, the escapism soundtrack, the unique, bright, visual world of the urban jungle. The multi-instrumental duo - Josh "J" Lloyd-Watson and Tom "T" McFarland - could not even think that they would leave their studio bedroom once. After a short time, rave reviewers from all over the world hit them, the Mercury Music Prize nomination, prizes for the summer song (even two), viral videos, Noel Gallager, who called the album “Fucking amazing”, half a million sales, a global tour that lasted two years.

And so, on September 14th, Jungle released a new album, “For Ever”, on XL Recordings. If the first album was their imaginary soundtrack to places they have never been to, the second one is inspired by real life experiences from traveling to places they have dreamed of for so long. For his sake, Hills, J, and T camped in Los Angeles. However, over time, their romantic Californian dream faced reality. This conflict resulted in 13 new tracks, which the team will present in the club "Cosmonaut" on January 27, 2019. The concert organizers are the Bright Music company, which is responsible for the STEREOLETO and Part of the World festivals, as well as Alt-J, Kraftwerk, Morrissey, Sigur Ros, PJ Harvey and many other concerts.