Dreams of Japan. The Great Gaudí



Brusnitsyn Culture Quarter, 30 Kozhevennaya Liniya



01 september 2022, 10:00 — 30 november 2022, 22:00


400 rub — 1 800 rub

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The two 20-minute 360-degree immersive shows incorporate the Japanese art of ukiyo-e and the legacy of the renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

The Gaudí part illustrates the evolution of the architect’s works – from the lamp posts on Barcelona’s Placa Real to La Sagrada Familia cathedral.

The Dreams of Japan immerses the viewer in the centuries-old history of the art of ukiyo-e, the term literally translating as ‘pictures of the floating world’ that can be interpreted as ‘a world of transient delights and love.’