Helmut Newton


Gallery Erarta

29th line of Vasilievsky Island., 2




17 december 2021, 10:00 — 17 april 2022, 22:00


от 600 rub

Events / Exhibition

German and Australian photographer Helmut Newton was born in 1920. It is quite difficult to believe that the provocative pictures that turned the world of fashion photography were created by an author whose creative development took place in the middle of the last century. Hellmuth, who dreamed of becoming a paparazzi, achieved unprecedented heights: he owns portraits of Margaret Thatcher and Salvador Dali, and among his admirers there is the world art elite in the person of Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor and many others. In the 80s, the greatest provocateur focused on portrait photography: he shot Catherine Deneuve, Sting, Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Sigourney Weaver, Jane Birkin, and his work with Cindy Crawford "The Lady with the Doberman" is still considered one of the most popular photographs of our time ... However, it was the works of the 70s that shocked and amazed the audience to the core. Visitors to the Erarta Museum will be able to get acquainted with photographs of this unusually bright, innovative period in the work of Helmut Newton.

In 1971, Hellmuth suffered a heart attack, which his wife and muse June helped Newton to cope with. This event marked the beginning of a new stage in the author's work: he creates more and more candid photographs, rethinking the image of a woman - now she appears to be imperious and fatal. The images of this period, permeated with voyeuristic, fetishistic and lesbian overtones, angered both conservatives and feminists - however, in the ranks of the latter, Newton caused a split. While some scolded him for exploitation, others paid tribute to the strong and overtly dominant woman praised by the photographer. And the author himself emphasized: "Voyeurism in photography is a necessary and professional perversion."

The exhibition in "Erarta", succinctly and proudly named after the greatest photographer, will feature more than seventy works created from 1973 to 1981. Among them - the legendary diptych-antithesis "They're Coming" from 1981, several photographs called Rue Aubriot, which brought unprecedented fame to Yves Saint Laurent's tuxedo, portraits of the young Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol, Charlotte Rampling, Elsa Peretti, David Hockney, Paloma Picasso , a self-portrait with his wife and an unknown model and other famous works.