2023 Erarta Prize


Gallery Erarta

29th line of Vasilievsky Island., 2




09 february 2023, 10:00 — 11 june 2023, 22:00


from 600 rub

Events / Exhibition

Erarta Museum presents the 2023 Erarta Prize exhibition featuring the nominees for its annual contemporary art prize

The total prize value of 3.2 million rubles will be divided between artists (2.5 million rubles) and viewers (700,000 rubles). For the first time in history, the Prize will be awarded through a public vote rather than by a closed board of experts. This premise is consistent with Erarta’s core philosophy: art is being created by the artist, but it is the viewers’ perception that makes it truly powerful.

The 2023 Erarta Prize exhibition was organised with the special aim of determining the winners through a public vote. The large-scale show at Erarta’s main exhibition space features the artworks by 61 contemporary artists – paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, video and multimedia art, installations, as well as other contemporary art media.