Dmitry Temnikov. "Retrospective of childhood"



13th line of V.O., 70-72




05 february 2020, 11:00 — 03 march 2020, 22:00


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

In his works, Dmitry Temnikov loves to experiment with materials and images; he seeks more for sincerity of feelings than for some kind of credibility. The artist is interested in taking something abstract and airy inside his being, to rethink, relive, and enclose in a form that is accessible to perception. "Retrospective of childhood" - an exhibition that completes the previous life cycle of the artist. Here you can see works of different times, both some quite early and completely new, first presented to the general public. Part of the work is dedicated to St. Petersburg, the artist’s hometown.

The exhibition takes place in the Gallery "Malevich Street", 3rd floor. Vernissage on February 6 at 19:00.