Kirochnaya st., 8B



16 november 2018, 20:00 – 22:00


from 600 rub

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The traditional November concert dedicated to Dikajee’s birthday will be particularly magnificent this year. First, because it will be not just a concert, but a preview of the album, the crowd campaign of which was successfully completed in the spring and is already actively being worked on in St. Petersburg, Lisbon, Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Riga and other cities. Secondly, the concert with the participation of invited musicians, an extended string and brass section, will be held in one of the most majestic and unusual places in St. Petersburg - the Lutheran Church of St. Anne (Annenkirche).

Dikajee is a singer and composer (and, of course, a group) from St. Petersburg, performing original music in the genres of chamber pop, rock, neo-classical, new age, jazz, progressive, folk. From this music clearly blows the Scandinavian cold. She evokes a wide variety of associations: from Bjork to Gentle Giant, from Socteau Twins to Tori Amos and David Sylvian. It seems to be just very beautiful songs, but a little more ornate, supplemented by explicit orchestral turns, an exquisite rhythm section. And in the foreground of all this instrumental abundance - a female voice, which listeners kindly call unique, both at a rare latitude, the range and recognizable rich timbre, and for a special presentation and sincerity, which is able to “pick up” the listener and make him participate in what is happening in the compositions. There are majestic, epic, but at the same time naive and light volumes, touching lyrics in different languages, melancholic and at the same time vivacious, delighted moods, spontaneity, fragile and pure beauty.