Afro Trance Fusion Party



Griboedova Canal, 7



13 december 2018, 19:00 – 22:00


400 rub — 600 rub

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On December 13, MOD CLUB will host a joint concert of two of the brightest representatives of the afro-funk-fusion-rock scene of St. Petersburg: KENAKO and The Legendary Flower Punk.

KENAKO is a rather rare phenomenon for St. Petersburg and northern latitudes in general: an incendiary mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms will not allow even the most professional melancholic to stand in place. The team gathered in St. Petersburg in 2017 and today has 9 people, including the legendary personalities of the St. Petersburg underground and overseas performers.

The Legendary Flower Punk - starting as a side project by Camille Sharapodinov and releasing several experimental discs, The Legendary Flower Punk gradually transformed into a full-fledged electric rock band, which also includes Nikolai Kunavin, Mikhail Lopakov and Gleb Kolyadin. In fact, Legendary Flower Punk is an instrumental psychedelic alter ego of The Grand Astoria. The team operates in styles such as funk, fusion, jam-rock and electronics.