Tickets for a 75-minute boat trip. Online purchase, audio guide

The Golden Triangle

Boat cruise down St. Petersburg’s canals under low bridges

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1 hr 15 min
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12:00—20:30 every 30 min
1200 rub. *
Tickets for a 75-minute boat trip. Online purchase, audio guide

What can you expect?

We offer you a chamber cruise down St. Petersburg’s rivers and canals aboard comfortable 11-seat boats capable of sailing even under the lowest hanging bridges, with views inaccessible to passengers of common cruise boats.

Cruise down St. Petersburg’s rivers and canals aboard 11-seat boats
Griboedov Canal, Kryukov Canal, Fontanka, Zimnyaya Kanavka
Audio guides available in five languages on cozy sofas
Opportunity to sail even under the lowest bridges
All St. Petersburg’s major sights
Personalized tours available
+7 (812) 611-30-12
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Route and content of the tour

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The Golden Triangle is St. Petersburg’s heart and soul, with major historic sights scattered all around.

Departing from the Konyushennoye Vedomstvo quay on Moika, and sailing down the Neva, Griboedov Canal, Fontanka, Kryukov Canal and Zimnyaya Kanavka, our Karakatitsa and Triton boats pass beneath 35 bridges including Kazan Bridge, the city’s lowest and widest (nearly 100-meter-wide).

  • Winter Palace, St. Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Bridges: Troitsky (St. Trinity), Kazan, Anichkov
  • Cathedrals: Savior on Spilled Blood, Kazan, St. Nicholas
  • Mikhailovsky Castle, Sheremetev Palace
  • Summer Gardens, Derzhavin’s Mansion

You can rent a whole boat, and enjoy a personalized tour in Russian, English, German, Chinese or Spanish.


You can book the tour at our website or through our app.

Full prepayment is required. If you cancel your tour, refunding is only possible in the event that the cancellation is made no later than 24 hours before the tour.

Свидетельства очевидцев

17 июня 2024

Спасибо, это было прекрасно! Особенно здорово, что программа с аудиогидом. Дочка отдохнула и, надеюсь, много нового узнала! Мне самой тоже очень понравилось.

13 июля 2023

В целом прогулка и маршрут понравились, но возникли некоторые сложности с поиском причала «Конюшенное ведомство», из-за чего чуть не опоздали на рейс. А в остальном всё прошло хорошо

05 июля 2023

Незабываемые впечатления! Особенно детям понравилось, когда проплывали под низкими мостами. Даже страшно немного, но очень интересно. 

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Если ссылка не пришла, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с менеджером.

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The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" invites you to individual excursions with experienced local historians - specialists in the history and architecture of St. Petersburg.

Enjoy fun walks and travel in a comfortable car on routes not found in traditional travel guides.

You will discover new sides of the world famous sights of the Northern capital, look into secret corners that only locals know about, learn little-known facts and legends of one of the most mysterious and mystical cities in the world.

St. Petersburg is beautiful all year round - not only during the white nights season, when millions of tourists flock to the banks of the Neva, but also in golden autumn, crystal winter and spring awakening days.
The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" has developed excursions for you for all seasons. At the same time, we always build a route and a guide's story, taking into account the weather and your wishes.

To choose the day and time of the excursion most convenient for you, place your order at least 24 hours before the start.

The Golden Triangle

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