Tickets for the 2-hour tour with audio guide. You can also buy a ticket for the whole day on hop on hop off system
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City Sightseeing Neva

Three-stop river and canal cruise Hop On-Hop Off

Water Trips & Tours

1 day
Working days
Opening hours
from 10:45 till 18:45 every hour
1200 rub. *
Tickets for the 2-hour tour with audio guide. You can also buy a ticket for the whole day on hop on hop off system

What can you expect?

A cruise along the rivers and canals with stops at the main attractions of St. Petersburg using the "HOP ON-HOP OFF" system will acquaint you with the main attractions of St. Petersburg in one day. Unique St. Petersburg cabriolet motor ships PALMIRA-2, PALMIRA-3 are waiting for you, allowing you to achieve a 360 ° view thanks to a panoramic telescopic roof. In good weather, motor ships run with an open saloon, allowing guests to enjoy a walk in the open air.

Motor ships leave daily on a schedule every hour.

Комфортабельные теплоходы с панорамной крышей и обзором 360°
Бар и ресторан на борту, VIP-зона, уютный закрытый салон, открытая палуба
Attention! You can buy a ticket online for this excursion only on the website https://boattrip.ru/ru/services/ekskursionnye-kruizy/city_sightseeing_neva
Tickets: https://boattrip.ru/ru/services/ekskursionnye-kruizy/city_sightseeing_neva.

Route and content of the tour

In program

Motor ships make three stops in the most beautiful places in the city:

  1. Berth "Rumyantsevsky descent", Universitetskaya embankment, 17.

Here you can see all the sights of Vasilievsky Island, including many museums (Kunstkamera, Zoological Museum, Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and others), churches, Menshikov Palace, statues of the Sphinxes, the architectural ensemble of the arrow of Vasilievsky Island with Rostral columns ... It is also home to Russia's largest museum of contemporary art "Erarta" and the cultural center "Sevkabel Port".

  1. Berth "Descent with Lions", Admiralteyskaya embankment, 2.

Here, within walking distance there is the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, the Palace Bridge and Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the central pier of the city. Coming to Nevsky Prospekt from here you can start an exciting walk through the very heart of St. Petersburg.

  1. Berth "Cruiser Aurora", Petrovskaya embankment, 6. Here are: museum cruiser "Aurora", house of Peter I, Museum of political history of Russia, Mosque. Within walking distance of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Artillery Museum, the zoo, the Music Hall theater.

The ticket is valid for one working day, during the day the number of boarding the ship is not limited, you can get off, admire the views, take a photo and then continue your journey on the next ship using the same ticket.

The first landing should be made at the main berth of the route: "Rumyantsevsky descent". The final voyage departs at 18:45, during which the ship makes the last round.

There is a bar on board. The audio guide is available in five languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish and German.


All the necessary measures have been taken on the ship to prevent and prevent the spread of viral infections. Passengers must wear medical masks and gloves. If necessary, you can purchase personal protective equipment at the pier. The walk is carried out in compliance with all the rules and regulations of Rospotrebnadzor in terms of prevention and prevention of the spread of viral diseases.

For a comfortable walk in cloudy weather and in the evening, we recommend taking warm clothes with you, because due to current sanitary standards, we cannot provide our guests with blankets. We care about your health!

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the ASTRA MARINE website - www.BoatTrip.ru. Discounts and promotions are available for buyers of the online store, as well as a special tariff for holders of the Unified Card of St. Petersburg.

The company ASTRA MARINE, founded in 1994, is one of the largest shipping companies in St. Petersburg, providing internal passenger water transportation.

ASTRA MARINE was one of the first to offer the residents and guests of the city walks under the famous drawbridges. Routes along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland, rivers and canals of the Northern Venice cover the whole of St. Petersburg and its famous suburbs: Peterhof and Kronstadt.

Интересные экскурсии

Travel through the historic center by double-decker bus
1700 руб.
A sightseeing tour on a hop-on/hop-off bus. Single ticket for 24 hours.

Свидетельства очевидцев

09 августа 2023

Если честно, другие водные прогулки нам понравились больше.  Если думаете, что выбрать, берите ужин-круиз или разводные мосты, впечатления гарантированы! А обзорную экскурсию лучше взять "сухопутную", на минивэне или автобусе. Больше увидите и узнаете.

10 июня 2023

Очень уютная, приятная атмосфера. Прогулка прошла прекрасно. Немного моросил дождик, но мы сидели в тепле и комфорте!

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City Sightseeing Neva

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City Sightseeing Neva

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