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History of mobile guide

The history of the Petersburg 24 mobile guide began in January 2018, when the FINEDAY PR agency and the Silhouette Internet studio decided to create a brand-new author’s guide around the historical center of St. Petersburg and the tourist suburbs Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof and Kronstadt.

What is the novelty of the idea? It would seem that there are more than enough guidebooks around St. Petersburg, including mobile ones. However, so far no one has managed to concentrate all the “special features” in one application, interesting for both tourists and residents of the city:

  • combine a tourist guide around the historical center and a timetable of events, a guide to nightlife of St. Petersburg and a guide to restaurants, cafes and bars;
  • use “smart” technologies that allow the user to see the nearest interesting places that are currently open, and events that are happening now or will start soon;
  • to prepare unique content, poorly presented in other guides, with an emphasis on the evening and night life of the city, the creative side of the St. Petersburg landscape, little-known sights, unusual places and original tours;
  • make a full-fledged English version of all content, including the English-language event schedule;
  • and, finally, to create the opportunity to receive first-hand information – from project partners who themselves add relevant information about their establishments through a personal account on the site.

In June 2018, a new application entered the market – the Petersburg 24 mobile guide in Russian and English for mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms. The project quickly gained popularity. Today, Petersburg 24 is one of the three most downloaded tourist applications in the city: the total number of installations has exceeded 50,000, the number of pages viewed has exceeded 600,000. By the end of 2019, we plan to take a leading position in the market of mobile tourist resources of St. Petersburg.

A year later, the project “Petersburg 24” won the prestigious Specia Award in St. Petersburg in the nomination “Best Mobile Application”.

The unique content of the mobile guide exceeds 2000 articles in Russian and the same number in English. These are hundreds of museums and architectural monuments, restaurants and bars, night clubs and creative spaces, walking, bus and water excursions. In the “Event” section, about 100 new announcements of events appear weekly.

We select places and events based on ratings, reviews and analysis of tourist preferences. Our principle of selecting content: only interesting and useful things – nothing more!

The mobile guide is in constant development, we are creating new original content and “smart” functionality. So, recently we have created our own routes developed by professional local historians and fans of St. Petersburg. With them, each user of the application will be able to become a self-guide and independently go through the most interesting places in the historical center of the city.

Dozens of companies and organizations cooperate with us, their number is growing daily. Our partners include Astra Marine shipping company, City Sightseeing SPb excursion agency, Etagi creative spaces, Artplay and Artmuza, leading restaurants and trendy bars, Open City excursion program, and many others.

City in detail


How to use the mobile guide

Petersburg is a round-the-clock concept. Where to go, how to relax and have fun, also at night, when museums are no longer working, the metro is closed and bridges are opened? The mobile guide Petersburg 24 will recommend the best places and the most interesting events in the 24/7 format.

To do this, you will need two things: a smartphone with Android or iOS connected to the Internet, and love and interest in St. Petersburg.

Be sure to enable the geolocation feature! It is geolocation that will help you see places and events near you.

On the main screen of the application you will see 4 banners: Places, Events, Excursions and Routes. Clicking on a banner will open the list of places that are located near you and are currently working, and the events that are happening now or will begin within the next 24 hours.

What’s the difference between routes and excursions?

  • You can order excursions from the leading tour operators of our partners using the Petersburg 24 application and go with a professional tour guide.
  • Following the author routes developed by our experts, you will become your own guide and get to know the sights and legends of St. Petersburg on your own.

Also on the Home screen there is a feedback button and the current schedule for bridges.

If you have the time and desire to learn more about places and events, excursions and routes, a convenient list of sections with filtering by thematic subsections will help you find what interests you.

In the card of each object, an interactive map of the city will build the optimal path for you to the chosen place. You can also save your favorite article in the Favorites and share it with your friends.

In the "Events" section, each event is tied to its venue, which will help you easily navigate and get all the necessary information.

Pay attention to the important section, which is in the heading, but is not displayed on the main screen – this is "Useful for tourists" with reference information that will be useful to every traveler.


Night and bridges

Our team

Project leaders: Alexander Granatovich (FINEDAY) and Ivan Sibarov (SILHOUETTE)

Head of the development team: Vadim Karpenko

Editors: Elena Efros and Maria Lutaya

Editor of the English version: Elizaveta Baryshnikova

Marketing and PR Manager: Alexandra Onopriychuk

Internet Marketer: Andrey Kameisha

Spokesperson: Denis Gavrilov

Advertising Manager: Ekaterina Kosminskaya

Copywriter: Anastasia Vasilieva

The FINEDAY PR agency has been operating since 1998. Among the agency’s customers are large Russian and foreign companies, government agencies and commercial startups. The agency specializes in integrated PR support, development and implementation of PR campaigns, and the creation of digital information projects.

SILHOUETTE Internet Marketing Studio was opened in 2004. Its portfolio includes more than 200 implemented Internet portals for state and private Russian companies, as well as foreign business. In 2018, the studio took the 2nd place in the federal rating “Runet Rating” among companies working with government organizations.

In 2017, FINEDAY and SILHOUETTE developed the Bridges of Petersburg mobile application, which won the Runet Rating award in the State and Society nomination in 2018.