Hipster route


Malaya Morskaya st., 14

Travel time

1 hour (calm pace; excluding time spent in establishments)


4 km


Nevsky pr., 45/2

unusual routes

What is this route?

Having a free day and want to fit everything - to spend time with friends, slowly drink a couple of cups of coffee, enjoy shopping and learn something new? Or did you come for the weekend from Moscow and want to find out how the St. Petersburg creative audience lives? Then this route is for you! We have chosen the most comfortable coffee houses, stylish shops and unusual anticafe and other places that will help you spend your weekend with benefit and pleasure.

What will you see?

Coffee and tea

Cake & Breakfast

Theme clusters

Playloft GaGa

Creative spaces

Art center «Nevsky, 8»

Coffee and tea


Creative shopping

Souvenirs from Main Headquarters

Creative shopping

Book store "Iskatel'"

Cultural spaces

Library of V.V. Mayakovsky (Center of art and music)

Time cafes


Coffee and tea

Surf Coffee on Malaya Konyushennaya

Creative spaces

Basement of Stray Dog (Podval Brodyachei Sobaki)

Creative shopping

Souvenir store “Santa-Pe”

Unusual houses and streets

Malaya Sadovaya Street

Cultural spaces

Dom Kino (House of Films)

Creative shopping

Word order


Pork snout

Еще 11 +

What can you expect?

The route begins on the corner of Malaya Morskaya and Gorokhovaya streets. No matter what time you woke up today, Cake & Breakfast serves breakfast all day! The key dishes on the menu are homemade cheesecakes, cereals and egg dishes, there are sweets without refined flour and sugar.

Directly across the street from you is PlayLoft GaGa, a time-cafe where you can find more than a thousand board games. The institution holds gaming nights and board games tournaments, and special consultants can teach you to play any board game from the collection. During breaks, you can play on consoles, take a photo in a photo booth, read a book and drink free tea with sweets.

Go straight to Nevsky Prospekt, to the Nevsky 8 Art Center. The same “Artist's Bench” is increasingly moving away from the “only for its own” institution format towards a large-scale exhibition of contemporary art: today it is an actual creative space combining an art gallery, a store of copyright decor items, various products for artists and designer souvenirs, and also a conceptual cafe.

It's time for a cup of good coffee and a snack - head to the Opetit coffee house at the French Institute and treat yourself to desserts and pastries.

If you are a tourist, then for souvenirs it is best to go to the General Headquarters. The store on the Palace presents all kinds of souvenirs - not only from the Hermitage, but also from the Louvre, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, The National Gallery and the Tretyakov Gallery.

And in the search of rare books, you should pass by one of the oldest second-hand bookstores "Seeker" on the Moika embankment.

Continuing along Nevsky, go to the Mayakovsky library's cultural art and music center. There exhibitions of contemporary artists, concerts and film screenings, performances and other interesting events are held.

If now is the end of the week, we recommend that you return to the Moika and reach Konyushennaya Square. There is an atmospheric anti-cafe in the Brazilian style - ForAll. From Friday to Sunday, you can play board and intellectual games and game consoles, watch a movie, learn how to dance Brazilian dances, learn the basics of Capoeira and speak Portuguese.

We suggest making another coffee break at Surf Coffee on Malaya Konushennaya. This is a truly stylish coffee shop: surfboards are used in the interior, everything around is inspired by Hawaiian motifs, and the atmosphere of the beach cafe reigns.

Cross the Griboedov Canal through the Italian Bridge to see with your own eyes the center of attraction of the figures of culture and art of the Silver Age. “The Basement of a Stray Dog” is a literary and artistic cabaret frequented by poets, writers and actors; among them are Anna Akhmatova, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikolai Gumilev and Alexey Tolstoy. In 2001, the legendary cafe was restored, and today it hosts art exhibitions, poetry and music evenings, performances by young actors, lectures and other cultural events.

Do not miss the opportunity to stroll along one of the shortest, but at the same time cozy and unusual streets of the city - Malaya Sadovaya. Check time with the fountain-clock, admire the quaint facade of the Eliseevsky store and find sculptures of the cat Elisha and the cat Vasilisa!

Are you already missing the noisy Nevsky? We support you and urge you to go to the beautiful building of the Passage department store, where the Santa Pe souvenir shop is located. Here you will find original souvenirs from St. Petersburg designers with stereotypes about the city and residents. So, on the shelves you can find postcards about apathy and indifference, a piece of Petersburg curb or a set of nesting dolls painted in the style of Malevich.

The next stop will not leave moviegoers indifferent. The building of the House of Cinema was built in the first half of the 20th century, and already in 1917 its fate was predetermined: it opened one of the best cinemas in Petrograd, Splendid Palace. Today it shows auteur cinema, art house films in the original language, festival works, as well as retrospective shows and creative evenings; painting exhibitions are held in the lobby, and on the 4th floor there is a restaurant with the same name with panoramic views of the city center.

Another second-hand bookstore in our route is located on the banks of the Fontanka River. "Word Order" - an independent intellectual literature store; and also a film club, a platform for literary evenings, lectures, seminars and book presentations with the participation of the authors.