Sklad 17


Liteiny pr., 18


Coffee and tea

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

09:00 – 22:00


09:00 – 23:00


11:00 – 23:00



Average bill

300 rubles

Sklad 17 is a coffee shop with a lecture hall and a gallery of modern art. One hall here is completely devoted to exhibitions of young artists, in the second a contact bar counter is equipped. Finally, the third is designed for lectures and special events.

To make coffee, the team uses specialty grain from Mosaic Coffee roasters. In addition to espresso-based classics, there is filter coffee and seasonal designer drinks. As a snack sandwiches - with ham and tomatoes, chicken, as well as a vegetarian option with eggplant and Suluguni cheese - are offered.

Popular positions:

  • Espresso - 100 rubles
  • Cappuccino - 160–220 rubles
  • Filter coffee - 100 rubles
  • Sandwiches - 220–240 rubles