Climbing the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral

Panorama of the city from the highest observation deck

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Smolny Cathedral tours

30 min
Working days
Opening hours
150 rub. *
Recommended donation amount: 200 rubles. - excursion around the cathedral, 150 rubles. - ascent to the belfry.

What is this excursion?

A visit to the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral is an opportunity to climb the observation deck of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in St. Petersburg and see the entire city center from a bird's eye view - elegant festive St. Petersburg, sparkling with numerous lights and garlands.

The site is located at an altitude of about 50 meters; 278 steps lead to it. The belfry is open to the public every day, no prior registration is required. At the observation deck, you can use binoculars, listen to an audio tour.

The highest observation deck in the center of St. Petersburg!
Height 55 meters, 278 steps lead to the site.
Daily, no prior registration is required.
Excursion and pilgrimage service of the Smolny Cathedral.

Route and content of the tour

What can you expect?

You can visit the belfry both independently and as part of a guided tour of the Smolny Cathedral, which is held on weekends. The cathedral guides will acquaint you with the history of the architectural ensemble of the Smolny Monastery and the Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens. You will see the magnificent interiors of the pearl of the temple architecture of St. Petersburg - the Smolny Cathedral, and in the end you will climb the highest equipped observation deck in the city center - the cathedral belfry.

Guided tours of the cathedral take place on Saturday and Sunday at 12.00, 13.00, 14.30 and 16.00. More detailed information is available on the website



Themed excursions are available for groups in advance: "Saints and Shrines of the Smolny Cathedral", "Architecture of the Smolny Monastery", "The History of the Resurrection Smolny Monastery", "Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens", "Christmas Petersburg", as well as educational quests for children.

You can sign up for excursions and quests by calling: 8 (961) 808 9738; 8 (911) 233-8957 and by email:

+7 (961) 808-97-38
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Climbing the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral