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St. Petersburg suburbs

8 hr
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Saturday (for groups)
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2000 rub. *
2000 rubles / person for small combined groups (by prior arrangement); 23 400 rubles / group up to 18 people (for individual excursions)

What is this excursion?

Korela, Kexholm, Kyakisalmi, Priozersk - what unites these cities? That's right, these are all names for the same place. Who, how, when and why called the present Priozersk so, who inhabited these places, and who fought for them? You will learn about all this in detail during an eight-hour trip to the lake region in the north of the Karelian Isthmus.

Traveling in a new, comfortable tourist-class minibus will appeal to both Petersburgers and guests of the city. After all, these places are not as well mastered by tourists as the fashionable resort area on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Here, on the Keksgolmskiy (Priozerskiy) direction, islets of pristine Finnish nature, remnants of medieval Karelian buildings, and war monuments of the 20th century have been preserved.

A trip to Priozersk for small groups.
The Vuoksa river, lakes, pristine Finnish nature.
Museum of the "unknown" or Winter War.
Medieval Karelian fortresses.
The perfect Saturday getaway for the whole family.
New, comfortable minibus.
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Route and content of the tour

What can you expect?

The guide's story begins as soon as we hit the road. You will learn many interesting facts about the Karelian Isthmus, and of course, you will not be able to do without legends and myths that will be of interest to both children and adults.

We will visit the Museum "On the Keksholm direction", which stands on the shores of Lake Sukhodolskoye and will acquaint you with the "Winter" or Finnish war - one of the most controversial and unknown pages in the history of Russia.

Next to the museum there is a unique memorial complex: 150 meters of restored and re-equipped trenches, machine-gun nests and rifle cells, a three-roll dugout, near which there is a battery of two anti-tank guns, and active field kitchens.

After lunch we will move further into the depths of the isthmus. On the banks of the Vuoksa River, the remains of an ancient Karelian fortress of the 9th century, the Tiversky settlement, have been preserved. We will plunge into the ancient history of these places, admire the graceful outlines of the wooden church of St.Andrew the First-Called on the tiny island of Vuoksa, and then we will examine another fortress - Korela and learn how it became one of the most famous political prisons in Russia, and who was detained here .. ...

So our journey ends, we go home to St. Petersburg. The end of the excursion is at the Prospekt Prosvescheniya metro station.


Excursions for small prefabricated groups (up to 18 people) are held on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00, a specific date is assigned as the group is completed. You can find out all the details and book a ticket by calling +7 950 049 1522.

In addition, you can order an individual excursion for a small group of your guests or business partners, a friendly company, a corporate or family event, an anniversary, etc. In this case, we will leave from any place convenient for you at a convenient time for you.

For individual excursions, we have a fixed price, regardless of the occupancy of the minibus. The maximum number of people in a group is 18 people.

+7 950 049 1522
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The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" invites you to individual excursions with experienced local historians - specialists in the history and architecture of St. Petersburg.

Enjoy fun walks and travel in a comfortable car on routes not found in traditional travel guides.

You will discover new sides of the world famous sights of the Northern capital, look into secret corners that only locals know about, learn little-known facts and legends of one of the most mysterious and mystical cities in the world.

St. Petersburg is beautiful all year round - not only during the white nights season, when millions of tourists flock to the banks of the Neva, but also in golden autumn, crystal winter and spring awakening days.
The excursion bureau "Petersburg 24" has developed excursions for you for all seasons. At the same time, we always build a route and a guide's story, taking into account the weather and your wishes.

To choose the day and time of the excursion most convenient for you, place your order at least 24 hours before the start.

In the Kexholm direction

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