Zaven Arshakuni. Peering into Faces


Museum of art of St. Petersburg of XX-XXI centuries

Griboedova canal emb., 103




17 may 2022, 12:00 — 03 july 2022, 20:00


100 rub — 250 rub

Events / Exhibition

The exhibition is timed to mark the 90-year jubilee of Zaven Arshakuni (1932-2012), prominent artist/designer, who, in the 1970s, belonged to the then famous oppositional artistic group Eleven. He is also remembered due to his stage design for Khachaturian’s Gayane in Mariinsky and other theater projects.

In a very long row of Arshakuni’s exhibitions, this one is special due to its focus on his trademark cross-genre portraits where people’s images could be inserted into Biblical or mythological stories, or embedded into a landscape or still life.

The most intriguing section of the exhibition features Arshakuni’s famous “portraits without faces” whose faceless characters are still easily recognizable.