The Secret Life of Tin Soldiers. Alpine trek of A.V. Suvorov


Museum of A.V. Suvorov

Kirochnaya St. 43




17 september 2019, 10:00 — 26 november 2019, 18:00


от 200 rub

Events / Exhibition

The exhibition is dedicated to the process of creating the largest diorama in Europe (6.20 × 2.70 m), which can now be seen in the Tin Soldier Museum. Pictures of St. Petersburg photographer Nikolai Shchegolev, who captured the stages of work on the diorama, will be presented as exhibits. Next to them are materials, tools and drawings by the engraver Vladimir Nuzhdin, the author of tin figures. A place of honor in the windows will be given to the unique stone forms of black alpine slate (breed age 500 million years), in which soldiers were cast for dioramas.