“The radiance of life v. 2 ". Akira Utiyama (Japan)



13th line of V.O., 70-72




03 february 2020, 11:00 — 02 march 2020, 22:00


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

World-recognized art photographer Akira Utiyama is returning to Russia with the new version of the series “The Radiance of Life”.

The image of a swan for a Japanese artist is the link between his native country and distant Russia, from where every year swans from Siberia fly to Japan for the winter. Utiyama has been observing the plastics of these sophisticated birds for many years. He created more than half a million shots and continues to study his favorite topic.

The photographer uses special “fresco giclee” paper for printing, coated with a special composition made according to old Japanese technology, due to which the quality of the pictures becomes incredibly high and, with some consideration, they can even be mistaken for painting.