Monuments of antiquity. Etudes and photographs of the Roerichs


Museum of the Roerich family

18th line of Vasilievsky Island, 1




20 december 2018, 11:00 — 24 march 2019, 18:00


60 rub — 120 rub

Events / Exhibition

The exhibition will feature works by N. K. Roerich from the collection of the State Museum of Oriental Art. The study and the desire to preserve monuments of history and art - not only works of architecture, iconography and archaeological finds, but also ancient legends and traditions and customs - became the purpose of Nicholas Konstantinovich and Helena Roerich's trips to the ancient cities of the Russian Empire, carried out by them in the late XIX - early XX century. The photographs taken by E. I. Roerich and the picturesque sketches by N. K. Roerich were aimed at not only the creative embodiment of the images of ancient buildings, historical landscapes, but also the fixation of architectural and ethnographic monuments. The main result was the “Architectural Series” of paintings by N. K. Roerich. In 1903, the works of this series were presented at the first personal exhibitions of the artist, which were called “Etudes of Russian antiquity”. These works and photographs taken by E. I. Roerich will be seen by visitors of the exhibition at the Museum-Institute of the Roerichs.