Russian Art Nouveau Fashion


Vitebsk railway station

Zagorodny prospect, 52




17 october 2018, 09:00 — 29 december 2018, 21:00


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

In the building of the Vitebsk railway station there is an exhibition “Fashion of Russian Modern” with exhibits from the collection of the famous fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev. The exhibition is dedicated to the historical costume.

The exhibition consists of outfits that were popular during the reign of Alexander III and Nicholas II. Spectators can feel the atmosphere of the time of formation and development of the modernist style in architecture and compare it with the style in fashion.

Among the exhibits there are airy ball and walking dresses, business and travel dresses, as well as coats, corsages, lace capes and capes of gentle pastel tones. In the windows you can also see accessories of that time: all kinds of hats, purses, gloves and umbrellas.