Ice rink by the sea


Port Sevcable

Kozevennaya Line, 40




19 november 2022, 11:00 — 13 march 2023, 21:00


300 rub — 700 rub

Events / Party

Every year Sevkabel Port increases the ice area and the quality of the infrastructure of the main romantic winter attraction in the city. The area of the ice field this year is 2200 m2, and the panoramic view of the sea has become even more expressive due to the expansion of the project space.

The ice arena can now be walked around, and the path to the embankment can be shortened by a view bridge with a balcony, symbolically connecting the Sevkabel Port and Istkabel embankments.

A magical forest in the center of the skating rink, musical accompaniment, warm light, an area with food trucks, decorations - all the attributes of the most romantic winter attraction. And also - cool functional locations from partners on the ice and around.

The "Skating Rink by the Sea" will operate daily for one-hour sessions. On weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00, from Friday to Sunday from 11:00 to 22:30. You will find lockers, toilets and a first-aid post in the warm and bright lobby of the ice rink. There is also a rental of skates from 25 to 45 sizes.

For those who are not very confident in skating, instructors and assistants to the skater - seals for children and polar bears for adults - will help. Port residents, like last year, have prepared special offers for all visitors. And in December, a New Year's pop-up market will unfold on the territory next to the ice rink - on the alley of 8 Christmas houses you can buy gifts for the holidays, warming food and drinks and more.

The cost of skiing is from 250 to 450 rubles per session, depending on the date and time. Skate rental costs 350 rubles and is paid separately, but you can bring your own skates.

Tickets for any category can be purchased online this year.

Season tickets will be available for regular guests, and certificates will be available as gifts to friends and family.