JOSH meets Garage Inflections Block Party



Italyanskaya st., 17



28 december 2018, 20:00 — 29 december 2018, 02:00


Free of charge

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On December 28 JOSH meets Garage Inflections Block Party. Garage Inflections Block Party - a party in the style of Kurupt FM, the main UK Garage parties in Russia.

RETROSPECTION is a resident of Garage Inflections, an active collector and supporter of vinyl, whose bag is always filled with modern displays of Garage and Bass music.

NCGNT is a resident of Garage Inflections, a DJ and producer with more than 15 years of experience, the author of numerous Garage, House and Bass releases that can be heard on radio around the world.

BL∆ST∆ is a resident of Garage Inflections, a dub explorer and vinyl collector who has been involved in music since 1998. Author of fresh garage collaborations with STEPS aka STEPPA STYLE, released on his album and as singles in the UK. Label Artist Symbols, Argon, Dub Bullet, Respect, Strictly Digital, Dank n Dirty dubs, WOW Signal, Trilobit.

VADEN is the organizer of Garage Inflections parties and the author of the radio show of the same name on Megapolis FM, Gerridge Pusher in Russia and his own man in the UK garage community. In the Vaden sets you can hear the whole variety of UK Garage sound: 2Step, 4 × 4, Grime, Bassline, house & Garage, including exclusive promo and dublite directly from producers and UK labels.

LIGHTA is the creator of the Community Selector, dedicated to the history of British dance culture from the late 80s to the present. It promotes various aspects of British sound, from breakbeat and jungle to geridge and grime.