Irina Kozub. “It's funny and sad.”



13th line of V.O., 70-72




30 october 2019, 11:00 — 16 december 2019, 22:00


Free of charge

Events / Exhibition

From October 30 to December 16 in the Museum of Modern Art of ARTMUZA (Gallery "Artist's Workshop", 3rd floor), an exhibition of graphics by Irina Kozub, "It’s funny and sad" is held.

The author raises the questions of the balance of good and evil in human nature, conflicts of the spiritual and animal principles, depicting their versatility and manifestations. Her paintings are an example of vivid life situations, balancing between seriousness and comic, philosophy and grotesque. By the example of extremes deliberately reduced to absurdity, the author reveals to the viewer how thin the line is between any poles; combines reality and mythology, the sublime and the earthly, the present and the past.