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Breathtaking landscapes of the Venice of the North from a unique perspective

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What can you expect?

Individual boat trip along the Neva banks, around the most famous sights of the "brilliant St. Petersburg".

Every year millions of tourists come to St. Petersburg to admire the city from the water. But only on our excursion the Neva banks will appear in an unusual perspective - from the side of a comfortable eight-seater boat. The proximity of the water, the flying speedboat - you will get an unforgettable experience!

The boat will set sail at a convenient time for you from the pier at 49 Moika, near Nevsky Prospekt. We will go along the Moika and Zimnyaya Kanavka to the Neva, sail along the Admiralteyskaya, Angliyskaya and Universitetskaya embankments, around the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress, sail to Bolshaya Nevka, and then along the Fontanka and Moika we will return to the starting point.

During a one-hour walk, you will learn many interesting facts about our city. Your guides will be the ship's captain and the Petersburg 24 mobile guide.

View famous landmarks from the water from a unique perspective.
Fascinating cruise along the Neva, Winter Canal, Moika, Fontanka.
The tour will start at any time convenient for you.
A flying boat, the proximity of the water, a breathtaking panorama of the Neva.
Peter and Paul Fortress, Strelka, Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden, Aurora.
Your guides will be the ship's captain and the Petersburg 24 app.

Route and content of the tour

In program

We have compiled for you an author's mobile excursion about all the sights on the route. Click on the links in this article. (We advise you to familiarize yourself with the route before starting the excursion so that you can look around while sailing, and not at your smartphone).

  • The boat departs from the pier at Moika 49, it is located in front of the classic building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • We will sail along the Moika River past Palace Square and turn into the Winter Canal, where one of the most impressive views will open in front  of us - the Hermitage Gallery and the Hermitage Bridge.
  • The boat breaks out into the vastness of the Neva River! Near the Hermitage Theater, we turn left towards the majestic Winter Palace and head down the river. By the way, behind the Palace Bridge, it is already called the Bolshaya Neva.
  • The boat goes around the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, which divides the Neva into Bolshaya and Malaya. In front of us are the Rostral columns and the Stock Exchange building, the famous ensemble of the architect Tom de Thomon.
  • The main architectural monuments of the 18th century are concentrated on the Universitetskaya embankment: the Peter's Kunstkamera building and the Academy of Sciences and the Twelve Collegia, the palace of Alexander Menshikov, the first St. Petersburg mayor. Here the ancient Egyptian Sphinxes guard Vasilievsky Island and keep the age-old secrets of St. Petersburg.
  • A little before reaching the Blagoveshchensky bridge - the first permanent drawbridge across the Neva - the boat makes a U-turn.
  • We pass along the Admiralty embankment, past the Admiralty building with the famous ship on the spire and the Palace pier with the equally famous copper lions.
  • Soon we will see Senate Square and the main symbol of Peter's Northern capital - a monument to the founder of the city, the Bronze Horseman. Behind it rises St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the embankment along which we are sailing is no longer Admiralty, but English.
  • We come close to the place where the city of St. Petersburg began - to Zayachiy Island, on which the Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on May 27, 1703. Our boat will bypass it on the left, along the Kronverksky Strait. On the left, on the crownwork, we see the Artillery Museum, one of the oldest museums in St. Petersburg, whose history dates back to the Peter the Great era.
  • In front of us are two interesting bridges. Ioannovsky is the very first bridge in St. Petersburg, next to it on a pile you can see a small but cute sculpture of the Bunny, who escaped the flood. And in front is the large Trinity Bridge, built according to the French project. Here we again go out to the Neva.
  • The first residential building of St. Petersburg, the House of Peter I, is located on Petrovskaya Embankment. Nearby is the front descent to the Neva, it is guarded by the Chinese lions Shi-Tzu.
  • Where the branch - Bolshaya Nevka departs from the Neva to the left, and the Petrovskaya embankment passes into the Petrogradskaya embankment, the blue building of the Nakhimov school stands out. Opposite him on the coast is the legendary museum-cruiser Aurora. Here our boat turns around and lies on the return course.
  • We cross the Neva and swim to the Summer Garden. It was founded by Peter I, and the famous lattice was created by the architect Felten.
  • Past the Summer Palace of Peter I, we dive under the Laundry Bridge and continue along the Fontanka River, which got its name from the fountains of the Summer Garden.
  • The Mikhailovsky (Engineering) castle rises in front. Here the Moika River flows out of the Fontanka, where we will turn. But first, let's go to Chizhik-Pyzhik and toss him a coin. If, having made a wish, to hit the pedestal with a coin, it will certainly come true.
  • We entered the home stretch. The final segment of our voyage passes through the most beautiful places: here are the Field of Mars and the Mikhailovsky Garden, the temple built on the site of the murder of Alexander II and known as the Savior on Spilled Blood, the famous Trekhmosye, the buildings of the Stables Department, the Pushkin Museum on Moika, 12, Palace Square ...
  • Ahead is the Green Bridge across the Moika River along Nevsky Prospect. This is one of the oldest bridges in St. Petersburg, until 1726 the city border passed along it. The boat is approaching the pier.

We hope that the boat trip was fun and informative for you, that you had a great time and got a lot of positive emotions!

For a small additional fee, you can order a VIP tour for a group of up to 7 people with a live story from our guide.

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